#76 How can I reset owner's password?   FAQ     8 years ago (owner) Document
To reset owner's password, you need to access the database directly and execute a query as follows:
(here I suppose you use the standalone package)
1) Stop the piggydb server if running
2) Open the terminal or console and move to the root directory of your piggydb installment
3) Open the database shell by executing:
 $ java -cp webapp/WEB-INF/lib/h2-*.jar org.h2.tools.Shell
You will be asked a few parameters, so input the followings:
  URL: jdbc:h2:~/piggydb/piggydb (the default database location)
  User: sa
  Password: <empty> (just hit the Enter)
4) Execute a query to clear owner's password:
 sql> delete from global_setting where setting_name = 'owner.password';
5) Close the shell with 'quit' and restart your piggydb server
You should be able to log in with the default password owner/owner