Put the focus on the process of organizing information

There are already many web services and applications that support tagging and other mechanisms for organizing information, such as 'Wikipedia', 'delicious', 'Facebook', 'Twitter', and so on -- collectively known as Web 2.0.
These applications and services allow you to connect with other, like-minded people, and to discover new information about your interests. It is a fantastic environment, thanks to the Internet.
However, in a Web 2.0 environment, most of the available information has been organized and classified already, and while this is very useful and convenient when you begin to use a given application or service, it will limit your ability to create new views or make new connections. You may not be able to implement or express your own ideas because you become so influenced by the majority, so constrained by the given softwares.
I believe the process of organizing information is more important than the result and I created 'Piggydb' to help you to be able to organize available information in a more flexible and expressive way than other Web 2.0 applications.