"Piggydb is a great way to organize everything everything I thought I knew. I've tried everything from wikis to piles of text files. Either the extra features get in the way, or content is difficult to find. Piggydb is the perfect balance between simplicity and power. I love it for everything from organizing papers for research projects to keeping track of which markets have the nicest produce." - Michael Mior

"if I learn, say, about 'A' today, tomorrow about 'B' and then learning about 'C' changes my perspective on the nature of 'A' or its relation to 'B' - re-classification will be needed. so while I can describe my knowledge today, tomorrow may be different; furthermore, relations may of course be conditional, with all that implies for management and structure. I really see piggydb as a tool primarily useful in the early stages of knowledge acquisition"

"Great, neat piece of software that matches exactly my needs in anything to do with knowledge management; power and simplicity in the same package. Thank you very much for the time invested." - Review at SourceForge.net

Piggydb est une application Web de base de connaissance (knowledge management), simple d’installation et d’utilisation. Son intérêt principal vient de son approche radicalement différente des autres solutios du marché. En effet, cette application conçoit la connaissance non plus sous la forme d’articles mais sous la forme d’éléments indépendants que l’on peut regrouper, lier, plier, déplier, agréger ou mettre en arborescence selon les cas. Une autocomplétion et une exploration dynamique des arborescences rendent son utilisation très intuitive à tel point que lire une documentation n’est pas nécessaire pour apprécier cette application dans son utilisation basique ! - Jimmy Goffaux

"Piggydb is designed to maximize your creativity and help you connect the dots between your ideas. More flexible than a standard database and easier to use than a Wiki, Piggydb gives users the help they need to create truly comprehensive knowledge listings around a particular topic.
Piggydb makes it much easier to look at a chunk of information and organize it from a fresh perspective based on any number of variables and schemes. Your imagination is the limit.
The personal version is completely self-contained and does not require any kind of web server software. It’s as simple as downloading and installing the software and launching the server. Your default browser will automatically load the Piggydb system." - fiberdownload.com