User Management - #user tag

The user management system is built into the piggydb's semantics seamlessly.
Piggydb has only one user ("owner") by default, but you can create other users just by creating fragments titled "username" and tagged with "#user" tag. These fragments are called "User Fragment", which can be created, changed, or deleted only by an owner.

Anonymous Access

Piggydb allows only authenticated (logged in) users to view, edit content by default. But the anonymous access feature has been available since version 4.4. You can enable anonymous access to let users view content without a login (anonymous users can only view content, but not register, edit or delete knowledge fragments).
To enable anonymous access, change the Piggydb settings "piggydb.enableAnonymous" value to "true".
If you use a War Package, you can download an anonymous-enabled package from here: (file name: piggydb-<version>-anonymous.war).